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Out of Place

Oct 28, 2020

A freight elevator. A loading dock. Who knew the Carruthers Institute had both those things? And who knew the next package from Mr. Havisham would come from there. It was a big thing, an ugly box I had to pry open. The thing inside turned out to be even more hideous. 

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Created by Ben Counter


Oct 21, 2020

A Fabergé egg. Probably worth more than I'll ever make in my life. A beautiful gem and gold encrusted monument. But to what, exactly?


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Created by Ben Counter

Andrew Moss- Ben Counter

Music - Tom Rory Parsons

Sound Design - Pacific S. Obadiah



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Oct 14, 2020

I wasn't equipped to do any... "Brain stuffs" today. I was tired. But, nonetheless, another one arrived.

Mount Vesuvius' eruption was all powerful, deadly, and covered Pompeii in ashes, forever freezing its residents in place. If this hadn't happened, what would Pompeii have turned into?


Created by Ben Counter


Oct 7, 2020

Looking back, it all started with The Skull...


Created by Ben Counter

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